Two Factor Auth in Go

I originally saw this tweet on Twitter by @thefinn93: Security is important, @SlackHQ. We'd like it if you supported two factor auth. #SupportTwoFactorAuth&mdash »

Kittens Version 0.1 Release

In a previous post published on the 6th of July, 2014, I talked about my IRC bot Kittens that I started rewriting in Go. If you haven't read that yet »

Kittens: an IRC bot written in Go (Preview)

I've written three IRC bots so far. The first was when I decided I wanted to learn node.js. It started off very rough, but eventually ended up as a »

How Go has influenced me as a programmer

I've been a web developer longer than anything else, even when I didn't know it. Back when MySpace was still a thing I was writing HTML and CSS even though »

Atwood Murray Sound launched!

After days of hard work, Atwood Murray Sound has been officially launched today at noon. Atwood is an audio engineer that specializes in recording, live sound, composing, and mixing/mastering »

Running cjdns as a daemon on OS X

If you're running cjdns on OS X you might be wondering how to run cjdns as a deamon. As of today (Monday, February 17, 2014) there is still no official »